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For the last decade I’ve painted the heroes and landscapes of Homeric Legend.  For thousands of years the Trojan War was defined as myth but today archeology has proven ancient myth to contain facts. 
The friendship of Achilles and Patroclus is not so different from the  joy and kindness represented in the eyes my friend Lew's painting.  A path through an October field evokes Aeneas’ escape from a doomed Troy. Under a California pier supports stand as rigid and strong as Achilles’ Myrmidons stood by Achilles. Helen can be seen everywhere,  each Helen perceived differently according to the mind's eye of an admirer. Is the love between two people in our modern world so very different from the love and passions  Homer's Bronze Age?
Technology changes the course of human achievement, changes our perceptions, but it’s an open question if we are so different in our humanity than the time of the Achaeans and Trojans. Scholars agree, Homer was an ancient bard and sang the Iliad and Odyssey - and all without the aid of an alphabet and written language. It is even believed the Greek alphabet itself was developed two hundred years after Homer to facilitate the formalization of The Iliad and Odyssey into what we call the first works of Western literature. My paintings continue the creative narrative that began thousands of years ago in the first telling and retelling of Homer's narrative of the human condition

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